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Creating the Future of Irrigation Management Based on Grower Feedback

May 4, 2023
A grower providing feedback on an irrigation management app in the field

We don’t believe it’s possible to build good products without listening to customers. That’s why we love working closely with growers as we design and test new concepts and features. Over the past year, our team conducted in-person interviews with more than 100 farmers across the US. We also just wrapped up our annual survey with nearly 500 participants across North America to better understand how we can improve our products and services. The results are in, and we’re excited to share some key insights.

What we learned

We asked AgSense & Valley 365 users about their use of the software and what they liked most & least about it. Here are some highlights:

  • Overall, our users are happy with the product and service, but there’s room to improve.
  • Almost all of our users are planning to add remote control capabilities to their entire farm in the near future. 
  • Our users are eager to give us feedback. Over half of our survey respondents provided us with their contact information so they could give us more input! We’ve reached out to over 100 users for follow up. 
  • What users appreciate most about our apps: Allows me to monitor the irrigation status of my fields at any time and Allows me to control my fields remotely were at the top of the list. Saving time and peace of mind were additional factors mentioned by most users. 
  • What we shouldn’t change: Several customers pointed out how great our support team is. (They are pretty great!)
  • Areas we can improve: Making sure the apps provide more frequent updates on field status and simplifying ease of use.
  • We received some great suggestions about how we can improve our alerts, SIS setup, and additional report capabilities. We are planning to test some of these ideas in the coming months.

What’s next

We’ve reviewed all of the feedback. (Yup! Every comment, good and bad.) We’re exploring updated designs that we’ll be testing with a small group of users this season that address what our users want most:

  • Improving ease of use
  • Providing clearer feedback on pivot status and command execution in real time
  • Providing a clearer picture of the irrigation status in each field