Plant Insights

Pinpoint crop health issues faster — so you can save big on labor & inputs

Plant Insights transforms your pivot into a crop health monitoring machine, detecting issues early & allowing you to target treatments when and where they’re needed.

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Plant Insights detecting a Colorado potato beetle

Get more insight into your crop’s health

Thousands of leaf-level images are captured day and night — every time the pivot moves — to detect weeds, pests, diseases, and more so you can treat any problems before they affect your bottom line.


emergence in a field

Canopy cover

canopy cover in a field


weeds in a field


pest in a field


diseased crop

Nutrient deficiency

nutrient-deficient crop


Farm managers & agronomists love Plant Insights

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Without a doubt, Plant Insights pays for itself. ‘‘

Ryan Brink,
Golden Grain Farms, MI, USA

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With this technology, you can see an insect. You can see a little tiny weed coming up. It’s really taking our scouting program to the next level. ‘‘

Beau Hartline,
Alsum Farms, WI, USA

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I think any potato farmer with center pivot irrigation would benefit from this system. ‘‘

Heath Fecht,
Cornerstone Production Company, CO, USA

field of crops
pest report screen in the Plant Insights app
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Take scouting to the next level

Focus field visits & save crucial scouting time with GPS tagging so your team knows the precise location of any issues.

Weekly reports let you see trends so you can conduct the most effective treatments efficiently — saving thousands in inputs and labor costs.


Learn why Plant Insights is a smart investment that produces a high ROI

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Supported crops

We support many different types of crops and we’re adding new crops to our service all the time.






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