About Us

We use machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in agriculture

Why is it that neighboring fields, with identical growing conditions, can produce such drastically different yields? This was the question that drove us to establish Prospera, and it’s what still drives us today.

Using our background in data science and machine learning, we explored ways to bring more certainty to an unpredictable industry. As the current agricultural revolution unfolds, digitalization will become the engine of crop production — to meet rising population demands and ensure environmental sustainability.

Taking a ground-up approach, our technology enables growers to make more informed, efficient, and scientific decisions. We make agriculture not only predictable, but optimizable across the entire growth cycle. Our technology advances agricultural productivity by helping growers do more with fewer resources.

Our history

From greenhouses to open fields, take a look at Prospera’s journey since our establishment in 2014.

Our data-led approach

Optimizing agriculture with data is extraordinarily complex. There are a large number of parameters to consider – their interactions vary and are hard to predict. To meet these challenges, we’ve developed some of the world’s most advanced, artificial intelligence technologies in-house.

We analyse field images to identify pests and diseases, monitor agro-technical activities and collect yield data. We use Deep Learning techniques to solve multi-dimensional planning and assignment optimization problems across massive data sets. And we extract insights from multiple data sources that are harmonized in an advanced Big Data framework.

Our Leadership Team

daniel koppel

Daniel Koppel

amit blesser

Amit Blesser
GM – Israel

dana gross

Dana Gross
Chief Strategy Officer

raviv itzhaky

Raviv Itzhaky

ayelet knoll

Ayelet Knoll

steel maloney

Steel Maloney
VP Sales

lior goren ruck

Lior Goren Ruck
Head of Product

lior aviram

Lior Aviram
VP Global Operations

troy j. long

Troy J. Long
VP HW Products

or lotan

Or Lotan
Head of AI

mika farber

Mika Farber
Head of Agronomy

shimon shpiz

Shimon Shpiz

yossi arjevani

Yossi Arjevani


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Become a Prosperian

We call our people “Prosperians”, and every one of them brings a resourceful, collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. We’re working around the world, in the office and in the field, to help growers produce healthier and better crops, more predictably, sustainably and profitably.