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Prospera Certified as Ag Data Transparent

June 19, 2023

(Austin, TX) Prospera, a Valmont company and developer of agricultural technologies that manage and optimize irrigation and crop health to conserve resources and improve yields for farmers around the world, recently completed the Ag Data Transparent (ADT) third-party certification.

Prospera, a Valmont company since 2021, supports Valley® dealers and growers globally, delivering Ag Tech devices and software solutions, including ICON® pivot irrigation control panels, AgSense® irrigation telemetry and automation devices, and the software applications that monitor and control them. Prospera joins trusted companies such as John Deere, Simplot, and Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. as certified in their data transparency to growers. 

ADT certification privacy and security principles address issues such as data ownership, transparency, consistency, collection, access, data control, and use, which are important in helping growers make informed decisions about the data partners they work with in their farm operations. 

“We’ve seen our customers use the data and analysis we provide to conserve water, save on costly inputs, and improve their crop health,” said Ben Geller, VP of Marketing at Prospera. “Data is incredibly valuable to growers, and our customers value our commitment to transparency and the ethical handling of their data. We are proud to be ADT certified and look forward to actively participating in initiatives that promote transparency and trust in the industry.” 

View Prospera’s ADT page

View the list of ADT-certified companies and learn more at www.agdatatransparent.com.

About Prospera

The Prospera team of ag tech specialists includes agronomists, soil scientists, hydrologists, technical support experts, machine learning and computer vision researchers, hardware engineers, and software developers. This team provides technology solutions that solve some of the biggest challenges in agriculture and serves as a resource for the Valley Dealer network and its customers.