Monitor & Control Farm Irrigation

Control irrigation pivots, pumps & more from the palm of your hand

Start, stop, and get real-time status on your pivots, pumps & linears from anywhere.

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Why use remote irrigation control technology?

Save gas

Reduce the number of trips to your fields to stop and start your pivots and pumps.

Save time

Send commands to your equipment and check the status in the app while you’re attending to other tasks.

Adapt to the weather

Make real-time irrigation adjustments based on device data no matter where you are.

Improve yield

Monitor for issues that can cause crop stress & lower yields.

How it works

We’ll set you up with an irrigation monitoring & control solution that fits any system — and any budget

two farmers in a pivot irrigated field

No hassle consultation

  • An irrigation technology specialist will ask you a few questions about your operation.
  • You’ll give us your budget.
  • We’ll provide you with options and connect with your local dealer for set up and installation.

You’ve got options

No matter what brand of pivots or pumps you have, our team can help you save time and money with technology.

irrigation manager using a Valley ICON control panel
farmer using an app to control pivot irrigation

Easy to access, easy to use

Use your phone, tablet or computer to control your pumps or pivots from anywhere.

Questions we get asked

  • Can I get alerts if there’s an irrigation issue?

  • How do I connect devices to control them?

  • Will this work on my phone?

Talk to an expert about irrigation monitoring & control technology

Save time & money with technology that helps you remotely start and stop your irrigation equipment.

  • Start & stop pivots, linears & pumps from anywhere
  • Monitor other types of farm equipment
  • Do more with less
  • Save time & gas