Pivot Irrigation Insights

Detect pivot irrigation issues faster to keep crops healthy & yields high

Find and fix pivot-related faults like clogged nozzles, running sprinklers, or leaky boot hoses fast and affordably.

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Farmer in field with Insights app

Why use Irrigation Insights?

Detect irrigation issues quickly

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Our technology is trained to spot pivot irrigation problems before they affect the health of your crops.

Prevent overwatering & underwatering

Ensure your crops receive the optimal amount of water. Reduce wet patches and dry areas.

Trusted by growers around the world

Receive proven insights that help inform pivot and sprinkler maintenance decisions for any brand of pivot you’re using.

Easy to set up & use

Get up and running in minutes. There’s no hardware to set up or maintain. You’ll receive irrigation alerts on your phone, desktop, or tablet.


Why farmers love Irrigation Insights

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It’s easy to use. It’s cost-effective. And it really helps you to identify those issues in irrigation and fix them in time. ‘‘

David Müller,
Prieska, Northern Cape of South Africa

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The return on investment was very easy for me to justify. ‘‘

Jim Klaustermeyer,
Klaustermeyer Farms, WA, USA

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Using insights has been a great time savings which translates to money. ‘‘

Greg Hirai,
Hirai Farms, ID, USA

Center pivot irrigating a field
Irrigation Insights app
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Not an imagery service — a pivot irrigation problem finder

Irrigation Insights focuses on alerting you to problem areas, providing information about which span to check for issues like clogged nozzles and leaks.

Who has time to review hundreds of images? We analyze the images for you because getting actionable alerts is a far more valuable use of your time than reviewing piles of images.

How it works

Irrigation Insights pinpoints pivot irrigation problems so you can fix them quickly.

Field management tool on desktop

Provide the location of the fields you want to monitor

You can do this yourself or contact us to onboard your fields in minutes.

Satellite images are captured & analyzed for you all season long

Our advanced AI is trained to find pivot irrigation issues days before the human eye can.

NDVI and RGB satellite images
Insights app showing alerts

Get alerts sent right to your phone

Irrigation Insights sends automatic notifications of likely irrigation problems in the field so you can take action.

Questions we get asked

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  • Does Irrigation Insights work with any brand of pivot?

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  • Is it easy to share the insights I receive with scouts and others?

Talk to an expert about Irrigation Insights

Find pivot irrigation equipment malfunctions as soon as possible — without buying hardware.

  • Use fewer resources
  • Prevent crop loss
  • Proven worldwide