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Our agriculture technology solutions increase yields, save inputs & produce healthier crops

Irrigation Insights with pivot irrigation alerts

Detect pivot irrigation issues sooner

Get alerts about pivot irrigation issues sent right to your phone so you save time and quickly fix issues that affect your crop’s health. 

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Control pivots, pumps & more from the palm of your hand

Our AgSense® monitor and control solutions manage more irrigation systems than any other brand.

Save time and money by reducing the number of trips you make to the field — no matter what brand of pivot or pump you use. 

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Get real-time irrigation recommendations

Make smarter irrigation decisions that save water, money & time. Know exactly when, where & how much to irrigate based on your crop type, soil moisture & weather data.

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Pinpoint crop health issues faster

Get weekly crop-specific analysis reports on emergence, weeds, pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies.

Enhance your scouting efforts & save thousands targeting treatments when and where they’re needed.

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