Valley and Prospera Take Technology Advancements on the Road Launching the AgTech Tour 2023

April 4, 2023
AgTech tour van 2023

(Omaha, NE): Showcasing a culmination of the latest developments in AgTech, Valley and Prospera, companies of Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), kicked off their nationwide AgTech Tour 2023 at Valmont headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, further demonstrating their leadership in advancing agricultural productivity.

With growers facing challenges of elevated input costs and labor shortages, it puts a pinch on profitability, and that’s where AgTech makes a difference. Offering a diverse portfolio of AgTech solutions, farming operations can rest assured that technology advancements from Prospera and Valley can contribute to time and labor-saving measures, ground-truthing results, and effective input reduction, all while maximizing profitability.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of leading AgTech for greater efficiency and sustainability. The technology from Prospera and Valley affords growers a healthier crop and greater profitability.

By guiding growers to value-based tech, they can reduce costly inputs by taking advantage of the pivots already in the field to remediate plant-level issues. Stephen G. Kaniewski, President and CEO of Valmont Industries, echoes the governor’s statement, “Growers are experts in maximizing yields, but increasing profits through reducing inputs is gaining traction due to cost increases in recent years. The way to expand field production is to eliminate the guesswork through reliable intelligence, so growers can use fewer inputs and reduce labor costs as they maximize their yield potential.”

Stephen Kaniewski & Daniel Koppel on stage at launch of AgTech tour 2023 in Omaha, Nebraska
Stephen G. Kaniewski, President & CEO of Valmont Industries, & Daniel Koppel, President of Prospera Technologies

“Valmont believes ag technology plays a substantial role in helping farmers increase land productivity while optimizing the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides,” said Prospera President Daniel Koppel. “We believe the best way to understand the benefits of Plant Insights is to see it in action. The AgTech Tour is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the many ways growers can maximize profits, minimize inputs, and reduce labor costs. We invite growers from all parts of the country to have a frank and open discussion with our experts on the AgTech Tour.”

The AgTech Tour 2023 will set a course for hands-on tech interaction with growers at Valley Dealers throughout the country. The tour is set to begin in the southeast, journey to the south-central states, proceed by way of the Pacific Northwest region and conclude in the central midwest. The entire lifecycle of technology will be represented with proven, in-field ROI delivery.

AgTech Tour 2023 Highlights

With the feature service of the latest in Plant Insights technology, Kaniewski adds, “The synergy in technology behind Plant Insights and the center pivot is the single best way to advance agronomy in the world. It is a tool to work alongside crop consultants, to validate their scout and see what is missing, all from the palm of your hand – pests, weeds, emergence, and profitability.”

Plant Insights Giveaway

During the AgTech Tour, three growers will benefit from Plant Insights system giveaway along with a free one-year subscription by registering at a local Valley Dealer event. Growers can also signup by visiting

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Valley®, a Valmont® company, has been the leader in advancing agricultural productivity, from the first center pivots in 1954 to the precision ag technology of today. Prospera, a Valmont company, develops agricultural technologies that manage and optimize irrigation and crop health to conserve resources and improve yields.

This data empowers better decisions. Together, they help improve agriculture, transforming food productivity while doing more with less. Valmont is a global leader in creating vital infrastructure and advancing agricultural productivity to improve life. 

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