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Remote Irrigation Monitoring

Monitor irrigation systems remotely — from the palm of your hand

Get real-time status on your irrigation systems. Remotely start and stop your irrigation systems — including pumps & linears — from anywhere.

Why use remote irrigation monitoring?

Save gas

No more driving out to your fields to stop and start irrigation. Monitor equipment from your phone.

Save time

Check your field irrigation status in the app while you’re attending to other tasks.

Adapt to the weather

Make real-time irrigation adjustments no matter where you are.

Improve yield

Monitor for issues that can cause crop stress & lower yields.

How it works

We’ll set you up with a remote irrigation monitoring & control solution that fits any system — and any budget.

No hassle consultation

  • An irrigation technology specialist will ask you a few questions about your operation.
  • You’ll give us your budget.
  • We’ll provide you with options and connect with your local dealer for set up and installation.

You’ve got options

No matter what brand of pivots or pumps you have or where your fields are located, our team can help you save time and money with technology to control irrigation.

Easy to access, easy to use — anywhere in the world

Use your phone, tablet or computer to control your pumps or pivots from anywhere using 4G, satellite, or fixed broadband technology.

remote irrigation monitoring

Questions we get asked

Yes, you can configure and customize settings to alert multiple users about irrigation issues such as a stuck pivot or pump shutdown before they become big expensive problems.

Valley & AgSense devices communicate via a digital cellular network or satellites to provide near real-time information and send up-to-the-minute alerts to the AgSense website or mobile app. Your dealer can make sure that your devices are connected so that all you’ll need is the AgSense app or access to a computer connected to the internet to monitor and control your equipment.
Our mobile apps work on any smartphone. They are available for Apple iOS and Android OS. You can also monitor and control irrigation from your computer or tablet.

Talk to an expert

Save time & money with remote irrigation monitoring technology that helps you start and stop your irrigation equipment remotely.

  • Start & stop pivots, linears & pumps from anywhere
  • Monitor other types of farm equipment
  • Do more with less
  • Save time & gas

More about remote irrigation monitoring

Remote Irrigation Monitoring is a Game-Changer for Farmers Everywhere

Remote irrigation monitoring systems use sensors and other advanced technology to monitor and control the performance of irrigation systems while allowing farmers to control all aspects of the system, including water usage and irrigation cycles, from any location with an app on their smartphone or from a computer in their farm office.

Remote Irrigation Monitoring for Farms

With AgSense hardware and Prospera mobile apps, we can provide valuable insights into the performance of your irrigation system, including water usage and system efficiency. We can help farmers identify areas of improvement and help support better irrigation decisions each season. This allows farmers to take action in real-time to correct any issues, ultimately leading to healthier crops, increased yield, and reduced water usage.

It's expensive to run pumps and pivots. Electricity and fuel costs add up. In many areas, it's also important to conserve water whenever possible. By monitoring water usage, farmers can optimize their irrigation cycles, ensuring that all crops receive the exact amount of water necessary. This precision ensures that crops receive what they need while minimizing the overall amount of water used, preserving this finite resource.

Remotely monitoring irrigation helps reduce the time and expense challenges that farmers face daily. With the ability to detect issues early on, farmers can schedule service calls and streamline maintenance tasks without having to visit each location, minimizing costs. Additionally, the data can help farmers identify trends or patterns in water usage, allowing them to anticipate demand and plan around it better.

Remote Pivot & Pump Monitoring

Remotely monitoring irrigation equipment like pivots & pumps is a game-changer for agriculture. Farmers looking to optimize and streamline their irrigation processes can have lasting impacts on soil and water infrastructure. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, conserve water, and ultimately achieve more sustainable crop yields. As technology continues to develop, Remote irrigation monitoring will only become more sophisticated, providing farmers with even more opportunities for growth and success.