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Control Farm Irrigation

Control farm irrigation systems from the palm of your hand

Start, stop, and get real-time status on your irrigation systems — including pumps & linears — from anywhere.

Why use farm irrigation technology?

Save gas

No more driving out to your fields to stop and start your pivots and pumps.

Save time

Send commands to your equipment and check the status in the app while you’re attending to other tasks.

Adapt to the weather

Make real-time irrigation adjustments no matter where you are.

Improve yield

Monitor for issues that can cause crop stress & lower yields.

How it works

We’ll set you up with a farm irrigation monitoring & control solution that fits any system — and any budget

No hassle consultation

  • An irrigation technology specialist will ask you a few questions about your operation.
  • You’ll give us your budget.
  • We’ll provide you with options and connect with your local dealer for set up and installation.

You’ve got options

Regardless of your brand of irrigation systems, our team can help you save time and money with technology.

Easy to access, easy to use

Use your phone, tablet or computer to monitor & control your pumps or pivots from anywhere.

Control farm irrigation

Questions we get asked

Yes, you can configure and customize settings to alert multiple users about irrigation issues such as a stuck pivot or pump shutdown before they become big expensive problems.

Valley & AgSense devices communicate via a digital cellular network and satellites to provide near real-time information and send up-to-the-minute alarms to the AgSense website or mobile app. Your dealer can make sure that your devices are connected so that all you’ll need is the AgSense app or access to a computer connected to the internet to monitor and control your equipment.
Our mobile apps work on any smartphone. They are available for Apple iOS and Android OS. You can also monitor and control irrigation from your computer or tablet.

Talk to an expert

Save time & money with irrigation technology that helps you remotely start and stop your irrigation equipment.

  • Start & stop pivots, linears & pumps from anywhere
  • Monitor other types of farm equipment
  • Do more with less
  • Save time & gas

More about farm irrigation control

Enhancing Crop Yield with Advanced Farm Irrigation Control Systems

In today's demanding agricultural landscape, maximizing crop yield while minimizing resources is everything. Farm irrigation control systems have emerged as indispensable tools for farmers that need a convenient way to turn their irrigation systems on and off from their phones no matter where they are. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and intelligent water management, these systems empower farmers to optimize their irrigation practices, resulting in increased productivity.

Benefits of Farm Irrigation Control

Precision Watering: When farmers need to drive to the field to turn pumps and pivots on, it often leads to wasted water. Farm irrigation control systems that allow farmers to turn irrigation equipment off when it's raining or use real-time weather data to alert farmers can save valuable time and resources. Modern irrigation technology can also help farmers precisely deliver the right amount of water directly to plant roots based on their growth stage, reducing wastage and saving valuable resources.

Crop Health and Growth: Proper irrigation is crucial for crop health and yield. These systems ensure that crops receive consistent moisture, preventing under or over-watering that can lead to diseases or stunted growth. As a result, farmers can expect healthier plants and improved yields.

Resource Efficiency: By optimizing water usage, farm irrigation control systems contribute to resource efficiency. They help reduce water consumption, energy costs, and labor associated with manual irrigation, making farming operations more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Vital Components of Farm Irrigation Control Systems

Sensors and Data Collection: Soil moisture probes are placed in the soil, along with weather stations, and even plant monitoring devices can gather data on soil moisture levels, temperature, humidity, and more. This real-time information is crucial for supporting farmers in making informed irrigation decisions.

Automation and Remote Control: Automation is a key feature of modern farm irrigation control. Farmers can program irrigation schedules, set moisture thresholds, and even control irrigation remotely through mobile apps or web interfaces. This level of control ensures that crops are watered precisely when needed.

Data Analysis and Insights: The collected data is analyzed using advanced algorithms to generate insights into irrigation patterns, soil conditions, and crop water requirements. These insights enable farmers to fine-tune their irrigation strategies for optimal results.

Revolutionizing Modern Agriculture

Farm irrigation control systems are transforming the agricultural landscape by incorporating smart technology into traditional practices. Save time, minimize water use, and improve overall crop quality. Embracing these innovations is essential to meet the demand for food production without compromising natural resources.

Farm irrigation control systems stand out as essential tools for boosting crop yield and sustainability. By combining precision watering, advanced technology, and data-driven insights, these systems empower farmers to make smarter irrigation decisions. As the demand for efficient resource management intensifies, adopting farm irrigation control systems will not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a greener and more prosperous future for agriculture. Explore the possibilities of this technology today and unlock the full potential of your farm's irrigation practices.